Site Map and Content Design

01 — Background

Before Billhop refocused their strategy to large enterprises, their website exclusively targeted private individuals and small business owners.

There was only one page dedicated to their enterprise prospects.

The marketing team had the goal of optimising their website for this new, high-value target audience.

This involved starting from scratch to completely rework the site map, refine the copy, and populate the site with compelling, fresh content.

02 — Creative process

As the copywriter, my primary responsibility was to conceptualise the new site map and craft engaging content for Billhop's new platform.

My initial challenge involved strategically showcasing our two main solutions, namely Working Capital Financing and Tail Spend.

Following extensive brainstorming and market research, I concluded that, contrary to the initial inclination of grouping them under a generic category like "Solutions" or "Use Cases", it would be more effective to treat them as distinct entities.

The decision was to present them in a manner that almost mirrors separate sites, emphasising their unique value propositions.

We saw a 19.9% increase in unique visitors, 2 months after the new site was unveiled.

This achievement is particularly noteworthy considering the challenges of attracting the enterprise market, which is smaller and more resistant compared to private individuals and small business owners.