Social Media Copywriting

I oversee and write all of Billhop's LinkedIn and X (Twitter) content to increase our brand awareness and position Billhop as a voice of authority in the competitive FinTech landscape.

Here's a selection of my curated content -

01 — Product Highlight | Payment Approval Workflow

I created this mid-funnel document with the intent to highlight one of Billhop's unique product features, the approval workflow, which can be tailored to the needs of enterprises with complex processes.

I initiated this product feature series as part of our strategic move into product marketing.

Key Results:

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Click-through rate

02 — The Global Toll of Late Payments

This top-funnel content was written with the intent to raise awareness on a prevalent issue within the payments industry and capture the interest of Billhop's target audience.

It also serves as a natural avenue to showcase Billhop's solution, a catalyst for fostering a more sustainable and efficient supply chain.

This copy complements an extended blog post discussing the benefits of paying suppliers by credit card, guiding interested prospects deeper into the sales funnel.

Key Results:

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Click-through rate