Marketing Campaign

01 — Project details

The objective of this marketing campaign was to heighten awareness for Billhop's tail spend solution. It's a niche topic and pain point exclusive to large corporations.

02 — Content planning and creation

I initiated this project by collaborating with our data analysis team to gather pertinent data from our existing client base, aiming to understand the needs and pain points of tail spend consumers.

I developed an Ideal Customer Profile and plotted the customer journey from the acquired insights.

Following that, I conducted keyword research and competitive analysis to optimise content for our target audience.

I then generated blog ideas, crafted ad copies, and developed social media assets.

Finally, I structured a content calendar to effectively promote Billhop's tail spend solution.

Discovery & Keyword Research Process

Keyword research for tail spend
Customer journey mapping
Content planning according to the various stages of the marketing funnel
Channels that tail spend ICPs engage with

Key Results


increase in unique visitors to Billhop's site compared to the previous month


increase in lead generation form submissions


increase in conversion rate


increase in LinkedIn followers